Help identifying a plant


Hello, I’ve seen this plant all over Seattle and I would like to find out what people call it. I usually find it just off of sidewalks or in yards. In those places, it usually gets about two to four inches tall, but I have seen it grow to almost a foot or so in grassy and clovery fields. Can anyone here help me identify it?



I have never visited the Pacific Northwest, but when I saw those photos I immediately thought of mint.


Yay, thank you, your mint suggestion helped me find the name! People call it purple dead-nettle (lamium purpureum), dead-nettle because it doesn’t sting. It’s edible and part of the mint family. Thank you, I can’t wait to munch on it!


Yup, red dead nettle (or purple). I tried it once, fried it up in some oil, not super appetizing. If you find a tasty way of eating it let us know.


Yeah, I would just eat it as a trail snack, or maybe mix it with some other food (meat or other greens) rather than eating it by itself. Where I’ve seen it, it grows so small that I probably wouldn’t bother going out of my way to harvest it, unless I just happened to walk by and see it. I think it’s such a cute plant though! I love the mint family :smiley: (my favorite).