Fellow Rewilder Dies


One of our members here, Ronja, died a few weeks ago. I don’t know the details but I heard it was a suicide. I’m so sad to hear about this. She commented often on my blog and was a very inspiring and supportive person as well as an articulate writer. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless.

There is a memorial site up for her:


wow, this really aches my heart. Suicide hits really hard on me, a school friend, an uncle, and my mothers attempts… It really has huge implications that sadly we don’t see, or don’t want to see until after the fact. Please take time to reach out to loved ones and those you haven’t reached out to in awhile. I will call my mother today.


Oh Shit!

its really fucked-up to hear this. I got to know Ronja before on the (now defunct) european Rewild Forum. At some point we were chatting like every other day about this or that topic of interest. Then i got to meet her during Urvision 2009 which was very cool. Its really really awful to hear this…



It’s crazy sad and makes no sense to me. She always sent the nicest and supportive things to me. She was so positive. It makes me really really sad. I looked up some of her e-mails and there was one I wanted to share here:

I've been called lesbian witch just for being myself. Situations like that are scary and incomprehendable. I think I'm great. I live and let live. But it seems some people rather suffocate life than create/live it. Or try to suffocate. You can burn a witch. You can - whatever. But passion doesn't die. I don't think I'll ever "die" in that sense.


This is so saddening… I never had the chance to talk with her or meet her, but reading that quote was very sad. It really hurts me too when, like she said, some people would rather suffocate life or that they have to hurt others to control them.


i didn’t get to share many words with her here on the forum, but i wish i could have been there for her when she was in the pits.

another warrior fallen in the fight against the monster that civilization is, but her passion lives on in all of us.

RIP Ronja


I didn’t know her at all, but reading her memorial site made me cry… I feel like I knew her. Thanks for sharing that. Be in peace, Ronja.