Euphemism challenge


I’ve been reading Language Making Nature by David Lukas with friends and am inspired by conversation around the chapter “Taboo Names” to start a thread about euphemisms. “Unlike in traditional societies, where many important taboos are centered around food animals or highly charged places, perceived offenses in modern societies tend to be centered around sex, excretion, and religion.” I’ve been having fun lately with the E-Prime challenge thread and hope to start something similar here. I challenge you to choose a category such as—

or religion

—and offer up some new words aimed at getting to the heart of what’s going on. Or maybe just find affectionate new ways of describing societal “taboos” more honestly.


“I turned myself inside out.”
–Could maybe be applied to all of the above?


Haha, yes! You are blowing my mind! I mean turning me inside out, starting with my mind. Good one.


I’d like to offer this euphemism for “God”:


It’s a little long but I like it.



“Euphemism”: a cover word for true talk.


What on earth is this song all about?


I might be talking to myself at this point, but in any case the old death euphemism “food for worms” or “wormfood” just occurred to me in the context of “The Worm That Turned the Earth” (aka “god”) and now I love this new phrase even more.

She died…Now she’s godfood.

Plus my daughter just drew a picture of me crying and smiling with a happy worm coming out of my head. Perfect! I am filled with heavenly worms.


Oh my Worm yes. xD I love it. Man I wish I could rewild my little niece and nephew, I worry for children so much in these unnatural times…