DIY Rewilding Immersion Program


Working on an example of a “DIY Rewilding Immersion Program” for Rewilders based out of Portland, OR. About as expensive as any of those other programs really, though you could find ways to greatly reduce the cost. This is a high-estimate.

In this “high estimate” I have included food costs for gatherings and classes that provide food with the entrance fee, however it’s not always enough and you need to eat while on the road as well. The “supplies” category is for gatherings where you must pay extra for a particular class. For example, Rabbitstick has an entrance fee that does not include materials for classes, so you would have to spend additional money on things like raw deer skins, bow staves, etc. So this is a very high estimate that could possibly be cut down at least 1 third.

I’d like to include other things like Finisia’s Root Camps and such.

This could easily be adjusted for East Coast people as well, with all the gatherings over there.


Things to add to this:

Finisia’s Root Camps
Cascadia Wild’s Ethnobotany Club & Skills night
Tracking Club
Rewild Camp
Wild Food Adventures

Then I’m going to build a visual calendar. :slight_smile: