Dirttime Dudes new blog


I started a new blog http://dirttimedude.blogspot.com check it out … have a series called the feral woodsman and many other articles on living in the wild… plus other stuff




just a note to thank those rewilders who have taken their valuable time to check out my blog effort http://dirttimedude.blogspot.com lots of info and etc… if you haven t dropped by when ya get a chance check it out I think most of you will like it…



Loving it! Thanks Dude.


thanks , Peter , glad you like at least some of it… lots of work and for me it takes forever due to my poor typing skills… gives me a place to ramble and share my experience and so on… I try to keep a theme of the wild and other things that are real in the world… from my perspective … wow thats scary…



lots of new articles on my blog check it out http://dirttimedude.blogspot.com

thanks dont be shy about posting a comment pro or con… lots of new articles