I know SilverArrow had a comic somewhere but I can’t seem to find it or I might’ve posted there… but

this was hilarious


Thanks, Fenris. I love that one!


(I love Cat and Girl … not usually related to rewilding per se, though.)


I like Hathor the Cowgoddess


ahh at first it didn’t make any sense, then I realized you gotta read from bottom of page to top.


I Love Hathor the cowgoddess! ;D

I always wonder, though, if it ever turns light bulbs on in the heads of people who practice detachment parenting, or do only people who already agree (“the choir”) keep reading it? sometimes i think I’d feel pretty insulted by it if i used cribs or formula or whatever.


Today’s Cat and Girl was a pleasant surprise:


from everyone’s favorite surrealist online comic strip, Married to the Sea.


sweet! :smiley: yeah, get off the fucking computer, right. . .

thanks for posting that, Rebecca. Married to the Sea floats my boat.


More Married to the Sea! (I pretty regularly find that it expresses anti-civilization/pro-nature sentiments, even if the artists wouldn’t put it in those terms.)

Oh, and what’s extra super funny to me about this one is that my good friend Chris was one of the graphics programmers for Halo 3. And yet he totally respects my views on civ/rewilding. See, the hippies were right, we CAN all get along! :wink:


Minimum security ( is one of my favorite re-wilding comics out there. The archives for all past comics can be found here
The artist collaborated with Jensen on the 50 ways to stay in denial book.


Wow… my password does work…

Oh… sorry guys! Um, first post here (in general), I think. Or not. Hm. Have to do something about that brain damage. :slight_smile:

Follows the adventures of post-apocalypse scouts & their conflicts vs. different civilizations around them + some evil leftover gangs. Written by a tracker so lots of fun.

'Course, xkcd & minimum security mentioned. I’m surprised Urban Scout isn’t a cartoon yet, rotoscoped from daily life. :slight_smile:


Bill Maxwell




A sentiment we can all share…


yeah!! ;D


I’ve made a bunch of comics…

have a look around

however be warned, they are often silly and kinda rude >.>


theres an female greenlandic drawing inuit comics…

i find out her name… interest?


Today I kinda wrote a comic… inspired by rewilding…

Of course it has a touch of my sick sense of humor, and for that I apologize (lol)