Blood and Flame


A few lines of “free writing” I vomited onto the page this morning… Please interpret these raw words generously, they were inspired by my discovery 3 days ago of yet another occurrence of ecocide in a place that I love and have deep relationship with. Sharing the “personal” in “public” does not come easily, but this seems like the right community for dipping my toes in those waters. If this resonates with you on any level, I would love to hear from you :blue_heart: love to all

Blood and Flame
What do you do with burning rage and endless sorrow?

Flames that rise and fall like waves – primal and unceasing as the tides – retreating to embers; never extinguished… there is ever more fuel. They eat joy along with oxygen.

Trauma and grief… open wounds slowly seeping life’s blood – always weakening, always draining… slowing just in time for a new chunk of flesh to be torn away.

Poison lodges in bone marrow and takes up residence like cancer cells…

Do I fear, or do I long for the next wound hitting an artery? For the flames to finally finish consuming me? Will I know the peace of sweet oblivion when my ashes fall back upon our Mother’s breast at long last?


This is beautiful and painful. We must all share our grief and our longing for things to change


thank you, sending love :blue_heart:


Thanks for sharing this, Tracie. I really appreciate your openness and huge (and aching) heart. xo


thank you Mindy, i appreciate you too! :blue_heart:


Really appreciate you sharing this! This line in particular reminds me of something like the impermanence of life here and the return to the sacred whole. Grieving is important!


thank you, yes, the return to the “source” or the “whole” is precisely what i was imagining - i’m not good at the whole grieving thing - i’ve got it all locked up tight; but am working on dealing with the surface layers. :blue_heart: