Anyone doing it for a living?


Are there ANY known hunter-gatherer groups still operating in the continental united states, or, for that matter, anywhere in north america?

I’ve been putting plans on the table and playing with ideas for forgetting this here civvie ratrace and enjoying the rest of my life the way it was meant to be enjoyed, but then I realized that I can’t do it alone. Need a group. Are there any that already exist?



Hi GC, what about Wildroots in North Carolina?

And have you checked the following?

This place looks interesting:

Scroll down to “Spirits Rising” for more info here:

In general, how about working/interning/volunteering somewhere and meeting like-minded folks?

It sounds like you are wanting to skip the Rewild Camp style process of forming a group, and jump right into an existing group, right?

And just as another idea, looks like the Republic of Lakotah is also accepting applications. Maybe not a HG culture now, but could be potential:

Let us know what else you find.


To find out…

get off the internet, go seek out tribal peoples in person, in the flesh and on the ground and talk to them…forget plans and ideas and internet discussions…the real world is out there in the mud and rain, hunting and gathering will not be computerized…


thx godzilla - there were a few in there i didn’t know about.

sandwalker: they might not be on the internet, but they are definitely not in my neighborhood. This is the only place to look and the only worthwhile place to post the question.

In the meantime, I’m definitely up fo any employment positions in the pacific northwest…