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Since Robb and timeLESS brought this up in the intro thread I thought I’d bring it back.

I’ve had less and less of a problem involving alcohol. I stopped drinking Vodka. Yeah I know. Stupid right? But seriously. I tracked all the times I did fucked up shit and found that it was almost always vodka.

I still have a problem if I drink liquor, or if I “accidentally” get really drunk, where I can’t stop drinking. But for the most part, I’m pretty good these days about “limit”. But if an environment lends itself to limitless (friends buying me drinks) I will fall prey to that limitlessness. Ah!

But overall… I drink maybe once a month these days, and not much. I’ll get wasted only a couple times a year now. When I was dating Penny Scout I started drinking again, because she was brewing beer. That was a good slow transition into reintroducing alcohol, and making sure not to drink vodka and limit my hard alcohol has helped tremendously.

Also, know that alcohol fucks up your endocrine system and gives you more estrogen definitely makes me turned off to drinking altogether anymore. I mean, I want to stay buff and not get one of those estrogen bellies like my dad has. Haha.


Doesn’t sound stupid to me. I’ve definitely noticed that different alcohols have radically different impacts on me. I get real damn mean on gin, and Red Dog seems to have a heavy dose of pure, raw courage in it (and not just me! one of my brothers-in-law has some of his own stories about that shit…)