Wisdom Teeth

Have one growing in straight but pushing up the gum above it. Hurt more last week and ibuprofen helped enormously but will this thing take care of itself, or will it need surgery? I wouldn’t do it myself while dentists are readily available, but one day might want to know what is needed. Seems odd an animal body would require surgery, but appendicitis happens.

As long as they’re growing in straight, you don’t have anything to worry about. Your opposing gum and cheek surface should toughen up over time. I still have all of mine. I had a dentist tell me once that they were impacted despite the fact that I could see the x-rays myself and they were growing straight. I think they count on people being uneducated so they can use us as guinea pigs or something.

I heard that problems arise when there isn’t room in the palate to accommodate the wisdom teeth - which I would think is a problem unique to civilized peoples, since Weston Price found that switching to a grain-based diet reduced palate size in the very next generation. Similar to appendicitis, which I’ve heard is also a uniquely civilized phenomena (just like degenerative arthritis, heart disease, cancer, altzheimers, etc).

Yeah pain went down - no ibuprofen today. In the mirror it looks like the gum is growing over the wisdom tooth, but likely the tooth grew into the gum instead of out of it. Curious how this turns out.

As for appendecitis, you might be right, it might be a disease of the civilized diet. Wikipedia mentions recent studies show too little fiber in one’s diet associated with it. Jeez, we’re allergic to civilization all right :-/

Doesn’t it also make sense that in our wild state, we might have a few teeth rot out as we age, so the wisdom teeth would have that space to grow into? That’s how I always figured it was meant to work.

Hope it comes out alright for you!

I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m having trouble visualizing exactly what is going on with your teeth. When I read your initial post, I thought it was just rubbing against the other gum and irritating it, but now it sounds like something else is happening? On one side of my mouth I have a sort of flap of gum tissue that developed when the wisdom tooth grew in. Is that what you mean? When the tooth first erupted, it seemed like it was on top of it, but now it is on the side. It also got smaller over time. It was slightly painful at first but doesn’t cause me any problems now. I just try to remember to brush under it.

MamaLove, my understanding is that indigenous people (eating traditional diets) have great teeth, while rotting teeth is a result of civilized diets (particular once sugar and white flour took over - the black teeth of the European nobility is a great example). I thought that without modern medicine/dentistry (or without wise herbal healing traditions) a rotted tooth could easily be a death sentence, due to blood poisoning from infection.

I know this is a old thread… but this is not all that important to begin a new one…

I was at the dentist this past month… I cracked a wisdom tooth, was bugging me… so went to the dentist… her reaction, when she looked in my mouth was… gawd damn you have all your teeth, she said do you have any idea how rare that is for a 76 year old person… I said no… she said she had never seen it before… I have had two cavities and never had a tooth ache… But as you age your teeth get more brittle. My Dad always said to try and keep your teeth even if it is just snagle . I have been blessed with very good teeth… I also have my tonsils … The smallest things can kill you. An abscessed tooth can do that… old time tooth pulling was a common theme…In all my years I have most of my parts. Had a gall bladder taken out thats it… luck of the draw and genes I guess, and a good diet . no junk.


Had the same problem when mine grew in. It’s just normal teething, look at how it is for a baby. xD It’ll heal up just fine when they’re done growing. A wet chamomile teabag in the jaw works wonders compared to something manmade though.