Wisdom of the Herbs School - wild edibles and medicinals

Greetings! Annie McCleary here, director of Wisdom of the Herbs School in Woodbury Vermont. I teach the local wild plants - those trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants that you pass everyday out your door, the weeds in your garden, plants of open fields, along streams and ponds, rich woods and boreal forest. My mission is to teach as many folks as are interested - which to my thinking is all of us - for wild food and medicine, for connection to the Earth, for resilience in challenging times, and for the sheer fun of it all. I am a founding member of Transition Town Montpelier. 802-456-8122. www.wisdomoftheherbsschool.com. Here are ways you can learn the local plants with me:

Wisdom of the Herbs 2017 Certification Program Our 96 hour, eight month program, Wisdom features hands-on medicine-making, wild edibles, lots of plant ID in the woods and fields, and the camaraderie of fellow plant-lovers. Call Annie at 802-456-8122 for an interview. WE ARE ACCEPTING STUDENTS UNTIL JUNE 15.
April 22-23,May 20-21, June 17-18, July 15-16, August 12-13, Sept 9-10, Oct 7-8 and Nov 4-5, 2017.
Class hours: 10 am to 4 pm. Tuition $1750. Deposit $250. Monthly payment plan $187.50.

_*Tree, Shrub and Herb Walks **
Weds. May 3, 5-7pm. Wetlands habitat at Wisdom of the Herbs School.
Sat. May 13, 1-3pm. Lake-edge habitat at #10 Pond, North Calais.
Tues. May 16, 5-7pm. Mixed hardwoods at Wisdom of the Herbs School.
Thurs. May 25, 5-7pm. Boreal (spruce-fir) forest at Wisdom.
Sliding scale $20 to 0. Preregistration is appreciated, 456-8122 or annie.mccleary@gmail.com or just show up. Children welcome. Please give me your phone number when you register, just in case.
Directions here http://www.wisdomoftheherbsschool.com/location.html

Wisdom of the Herbs Book by Annie McCleary
This is the text for the Wisdom of the Herbs Certification Program and for the Wisdom Tutorial. 163 pages covering 68 herbaceous plants, 17 shrubs, 25 trees, communication with all beings (including the plants), dowsing, wild edible recipes, making simple home medicinals, food as medicine (sugars and fats), protocol for clearing mold in the home and body, and four glossaries. $31 in a binder (subtract $5 for text without a binder) plus $4 shipping. Cover artwork by Lincoln, Vermont artist Janet Fredericks.

Wisdom Tutorials
One-on-one instruction in person.
One-on-one instruction at a distance by phone, learn at home at your own pace. (info not currently on our website - contact me for details.) The Wisdom Tutorial provides a unique opportunity to deepen knowledge and relationship with herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees from your home at your own pace. We will cover botanical structure, habitat, and derivations of common and scientific names, medicinal and edible uses and cautions. Discussion topics include plant spirit communication, sustainable harvesting, ”invasives” and signature plants. We will work from the right side of the brain – the intuitive and heart connection, and the left side – the science and botany. There will be vocabulary to review, plant families to know, wild edible recipes to inspire you, and we’ll review making simple home remedies. My newly revised Wisdom of the Herbs book will be your text.
Topics include:
Early Spring Plants
Spring Wild Edibles
Summer Wild Edibles
Late Summer Wild Edibles
Toxic, Poisonous and Rash-Causing Plants
Boreal Forest Plants
Rich Woods Plants
Plants of Open Fields and Edges
Plants of Wet Places, Edges of Streams, Lakes and Ponds
Asteraceae Family Plants
How to key out (identify) plants using Newcomb’s Guide to the Wildflowers by Lawrence Newcomb.
Potluck: You pick plants from the Wisdom of the Herbs Book that you’d like to learn! Or let me surprise you with some favorite plants.

I will be teaching two days of Sustainable Foraging in the Northwoods at Sterling College in Craftsbury, Vermont, May 30 to June 4.