Wild edible legumes of southern Illinois/Missouri?

While a monocrop diet founded on grains and beans is far from healthy, they’re still tasty. Great to toss in a wild stew or make bush bread. Now I know there’s plenty of nuts and seeds with a similar nutritional profile, but they just can’t replace good ol’ legumes in some dishes. Like chili.

I fully intend to make variants on certain modern/exotic dishes, like burritos, chili, pizza, and spaghetti, out of wild local ingredients. That meas finding substitutes for such things as the peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, grains, and beans I’m used to cooking with. Whether biologically related or just similar in taste and texture.

But right now I’m just focused on beans. I know potato bean and honey locust grow in this region, but I can’t find any nearby. Does anyone know of any other wild legumes in southern Illinois and Missouri?