Wheat/grains/Milk and why people turned to them

An excerpt from The Protein Power Lifestyle by Michael and Mary Eades

I can relate to how this is true because it is really hard to stop eating grains… it’s an insatiable craving.


This is a pretty good book too, actually the best I’ve read on nutrition, it even goes into the science behind it all, and relates everything to paleolithic times.

My main problem with the Paleo diet was that it was SO expensive! I had food stamps in Portland, which only gave me $150/month, and although my boyfriend had a job and everything, we always spent way more than that every month on meat and veggies, and nuts. I was making my own nut milk for a while, but it just got to be too time consuming, plus I didn’t have the right equipment… ugh, it would be so much easier if I could just grow/raise everything I needed for a paleo diet. We pretty much had to stop the paleo diet because it was too expensive for us…

I can relate to you that grains were definitely something I craved, as was cheese… I think it’s mainly because I never felt really full or satisfied when eating paleo, because I was used to being stuffed on bread and cheese and such, that I didn’t know the feeling of just hunger being satisfied. I think that’s a main problem, is that people are used to feeling overstuffed, and that has been the main indicator of not being hungry anymore…


you know, you can buy seeds with foodstamps, but not bullets or arrows !
(just two off-topic cents)

[quote=“TonyZ, post:3, topic:342”]you know, you can buy seeds with foodstamps, but not bullets or arrows !
(just two off-topic cents)[/quote]

I couldn’t buy seeds with my foodstamps, unless it was like bulk foods or something… also, I thought it was pretty bad that you could buy chips and soda and candy and junk food but not vitamins, and you could not buy nutrition/energy bars either (except clif bars and luna bars).

Oh, yeah, and if you have WIC you can’t by organic food.


despite wanting to do this for a while now, i still haven’t.

i really should tho’

Raising Mealworms

it seems like an easy way to turn cheap grains into fat & protein. tho’, of course, there’s the whole bug eating aspect

anyway, thought i’d share

wow, interesting! I wonder why it’s so hard to get past the idea of eating insects… I mean, for sure it’s a cultural thing, but we eat some pretty gross stuff too, in this culture. I wonder what the insect consistency is. I would be willing to try it…

something to keep in mind: 100% of the world’s human population eats insects, and 80% of them (including many civilized people) eat insects deliberately.

the US culture has a particularly narrow range of “acceptable” foods, even for your typical civilization (think about escargot in Europe, now think about grabbing some snails from your garden for some munching…)

hmm, i found a very interesting study last year about which types of bugs (and other “creepy-crawlies” ;)) were eaten where by the Native American tribes. i wonder if i can find that again…

Check out this online book. Tons of info about the insect-eating practices of practically every indigenous group around the globe.


Sweet! Thanks, Sandwalka, fo da link.


the study i had read was only a small part of this one


Ai dont know too muck about why grains are bad for you, but would replacing them with pseodograins (like quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, etc.) eliminate the health concerns? (there are abundant pseodograins in my bioregion)

my own opinion is to shoot for variety whenever possible. but i do think that psuedograins are much better than cereal grains, tho’ you should be aware that they often have other issues (such as saponins) that probably won’t have much of an adverse effect on you, but, as always, pay attention to your body as you go…

That’s a problem I have too! I try to use diet to regain health, yet I have been made financially bankrupt trying to live paleo.