What is keeping you in civ/Soc?

Just curious. Is it food, or is it the confort and warmth of a home, a dissaproving family, unfreindly laws, the goverment, just what?

debt and no structure outside it. Also I feel I am needed in civilization for now so I can create my project, with the intent to open peoples eyes, and pay off my debt, and then I’ll be gone. No not run off to the wilderness and be gone forever, I might just be within the physical borders of civilizations, but I won’t be apart of them. Being in civilization I see as having money (debt), social security, bank accounts, consumerist feelings, etc.

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Lack of Support. I have a family, and that’s the most important thing to me. Until we are all ready to leave civilization, I’m not going anywhere. Also, I would totally die with my current skill and knowledge base. I need the help, structure, and love of other people to make it, and I don’t have enough to try yet.

In other words, I haven’t sailed the horizon because my ship and crew aren’t ready yet.

Ha! Well said! :smiley:

And, I’d have to say that I’m also in that situation.

dirty water.

b-english :frowning:

Mista Me.

Probably what’s keeping most of us: lack of skills and lack of support. Though I do still feel like I have a purpose on this side of things, for now. I’ve accepted the possibility that I may never make it “into the woods” and fully rewild, though I’ll try. I just hope to do the best I can with what I have to offer.

Though, thinking about it, I would feel successful in rewilding even if I didn’t make it to the woods. Even if I stay stuck in the city, I would be very proud of myself if I opened my awareness and understanding enough to inspire and help some people.

Who knows what the future has in store.

What is keeping you in civ/Soc?

The fact that I have nothing else to go to yet. I hope to forge the Something Else in time. But I have just gotten started.

Also, and everyone wiill laugh at my civilized ass for this, but the biggest hurdle in my rewilding right now is the lack of a vehicle. Most opportunies for me to learn and practice wildering skills are too far away for me to go to without a car. I really hate this situation, which requires that I take a step back in order to go forward.

The fact that Civ “owns” all the land, and has humans with guns patroling it. Also, the wide variety of anti-homeless laws here in the US.

ALso, lack of support.

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Hibernating. Convalescing. Nearly time to up an seek honey…

It is impossible within the US to not be a part of the political/money machine, currently, unless you gather/grow all your own food, make all your own clothes, and don’t drive. Not even the Amish do all that.

Here’s the really telling part of that, the Amish have strong communities that support each other.

At the moment, it’s a bit of a losing prospect. The goal is to minimize civ til leaving entirely can work.

Tho’, also, for me & my family, we’re still getting the skills down.

Chocolate ;D and the realization that I still have a huge responsibilty to my children. My kids will grow up smack dab in the middle of whats coming, and I have to impart as much knowledge and skills I can into them(without making them balk at it) in a relatively short time. Not to mention helping them transvere this society’s mindset into a more healthy one without making them social outcasts.

Now as for myself, I have had a lifestyle that has so fit me with working
only winters here in Jackson Hole when it is all snowy and cold then
hiking, wandering, and living in the wilds both here in the Greater
Yellowstone Area and the Southern Utah Area for the rest of the year,
spring to fall. The little money that I would save all winter enabled me to go
the rest of the year just living in the wilds. Already in many ways, how much
have I symplified my life with having NO Car, No Real Estate Property, NO
Freaking Cellphone, No Credit Cards or Credit Card Debt, and hardly NO NO

But right now back in town just taking care of several things then soon -
later will be back out there wandering in the wilds. As time goes by, soooo
try to be less in town and more and more in the wilds. Also have to say
that recently some additional money came my way, not much in the eyes
of the world but in my eyes, enough that I could really vanish into the wilds
for a good good good longgg time. Soon will be back out there again
soooo then No Problem!

And I find out, how much we (including myself) rewild ourselves and
live in the wilds as compared to living and staying plugged into our
society does involve the mental things rather then the physical or
material things it seems so many times. Just my two cents worth.

Definitely debt (college & credit cards)… and family, or lack of “family/friends/tribe” to escape with. I know my family would be really concerned about me and I cannot do that to them. They need regular contact with me. But I would love to find another family/tribe to rewild with! Also, stability is a big thing. I need to feel stable any place that I am at. It’s a safety issue, kinda like a comfort zone… so I would definitely need a tribe that I can rely on for anything. I can’t do it on my own.

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I’ve got the land to move to, but I’m still stuck paying it off for another year or more. I think I’ll really miss “clubing”. I love to dance so fucking much, and then there’s metal. Metal is just not the same accoustic, but I am lucky to have many friends that are very talented musicians, so I think I’ll make it.

Yeah pay off land, thats whats keeping me. My partner maybe has some reservations about taking the final step also. I would come back to the city to see family probably once ever 2-3 months or so. I kinda am interested in finding more people to live with also. It’s hard because seems like most rewilding people were inspired by a particular forest or mountain etc. they want to live there. >:( I’m tired of the remoteness. Good thing I met TrollSplinter… That clan is growing.

Hey Emily!
I have almost exactly the same situation and I have the same thoughts re: a tribe for mutual safety and support, except that I care less about how my family feels. (Sounds cold, doesn’t it? But I have suffered emotional neglect on their part, and the more deeply I realize this, the further I want to back away from them. I have already begun doing so.)