Web design

so, after years of swearing i’d never have a website, it looks like this luddite probably will. i’ve had an overwhelming number of people recently suggesting that i should.
here’s the dilemma: i dont know shit about computers (i never used an email until my fifth year of college). is their anyone out there who designs webpages? how does it work? cost, time, etc. what kind of input/feedback can i have in it?


Hi! from one Primal parent to another… I have a small business doing websites for people and I could coach you on setting up a website.

You can find hosting sites that are really cheap,  and many of them have scripts that you click a button and it will install different kinds of content management systems.   (look for fantastico - it's an automated installer) .   Look at http://siteground.com as an example of a company that hosts a lot of power for not much money.    The open source world on the internet is making setting up websites cheap and easy!

i dont know, marita. i went and had a look around on siteground.com and it scared the shit outta me. i have know idea what half that stuff means.

but thanks for the offer to walk me through. i think i’ll take you up on that. you can reach me at primalparent@hotmail

thanks again!

Are you willing to make a website on your own though you do not have programming skills ?? I think in this case you can ask for some assistance from https://netgears.support/netgear-genie-support to make one.