We don't have anything to say to you, but THEY do

[for those too challenged by adult conversations, newbies who just don’t “get it”, all the “free speech-ers” (quoting the US Constitution? I thought you called yourself an anarchist!), and those who just have very poor social skills:]


You don’t belong here. Don’t worry, it happens all the time. You don’t realize you’ve now entered the “other internet” - the one where we actually have conversations rather than arguments, feel excited about fully informing ourselves before typing, and enjoy supporting each other, rather than swaggering digitally.

Other places to talk about rewilding, collapse, and green anarchy:

The Jesus Radicals - Now a Green Anarchy outpost! yep, for when you want a little religion with your green anarchy.

the REAL Green Anarchy Forums These dudes would feel they’ve died and gone to heaven if you wanted to ask them about what rewilders think about condoms and antibacterial soap. Don’t deny them the challenge! Joust away!

Infoshop: Green Anarchy!

Ran Prieur’s Forum Alright, maybe not about Green Anarchy, but if you consider yourself a collapsnik, then you’ve found a home here!

PaleoPlanet Talk about primitive skills and primitivism to your heart’s content.

IshThink For Daniel Quinn-inspired discussions.

Derrick Jensen Forum …for Derrick Jensen inspired discussions.

And on and on. This should get you started. An entire internet awaits you out there!

I love the Jesus Radicals. Just gotta say. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Nice list! Ai didnt actually have the desire to find other forums, so ai didnt know about the Jensen forum. Might check it out.