Warrior discussion

What does being a warrior mean to you?

I do not want to be a hero. I want to live the life of a simple lamp.
Maybe that is heroic.

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Being a warrior is fighting for something. That can mean literally, in a military conflict, or figuratively. All of us who choose to go against the dominant social order must needs fight in some ways at some times, when we feel pressure to conform.

I am naturally spiritual - I mean, myths and spiritual practices resonate and make sense to me. I am motivated to seek out information and experiences that relate to spirituality, especially nature-oriented, animistic forms. I have a lot of myths in my head and commonly think of warrior-deities when I need fortification for the struggle - Thor, Cuchulainn, Arjuna &c. Crazy Horse and Black Elk were warriors and also holy men - they inspire me. I’m not above reciting Psalm 144 to myself when I’m having a rough day, kicking against the bricks.

Today, I went out to the woods. I got way off alone and sat on a rock, naked, enjoying the warm sunshine on Halloween. I do this kinda thing occasionally and I always have to deal with the vague sense that I’m doing something “weird”, “wrong” and “deviant”, because that’s the attitude of the society I live in. A very small battle - but life is made of very small battles.

Not all warriors are heroes. Not all heroes are warriors.

One can be both lamp and warrior, fighting the darkness with light.

Find your battle, whatever it is, and fight it with the heart of a lover.

“life is made of small battles.”

Quoted for truth. Everything is small when you get outside your monkeysphere, most especially what civilized leaders tells us is BIG and IMPORTANT : what you wear, to which political party you belong, doomed industrial Russian society spying on doomed industrial American society & vice versa, for some examples. Life is a joke, & death is the punchline.

What a beautiful question.

You posted this some two and a half months ago. I still have no answer to offer, although lots of candidate words and sentences have presented themselves. So let me carry your question for a while longer.