Very cool hunting method you may not have considered

Just walk up to the lions and steal some of their kill:

This is one of those videos I think are well worth watching because they’re so instructive with regard to animal behavior - which often, I think, does not quite match what we’re led to believe by the standard warnings coming from government agencies and such. Not that I’m recommending going out and trying something like this. :o


And that’s one thing people don’t notice. Do whatever it is you’re going to do with confidence and a lot of animals will know you mean business. But don’t push it… you’re still pink and slightly crunchy.

a few of us were on a trek in the mountains and found a fresh mountain lion deer kill, barely covered . we looked around made as sure as we could no lion was close by , doesnt mean it wasnt… we cut a couple of small steaks and went on to our camp and had a fine meal , thanked the lion and the deer. In the scheme of things we took what amounted to a few ounces from the lion.

But to scare off he lions is another game that if ya had to well I guess it would be worth a try as the evidence shows.