Urgent Help With Literary Research

This post is half request and half rant. Probably doesn’t even belong here. Oh well. I’m writing a science-fantasy novel, nothing to be published, just a pet project dear to my heart. That’s why this is in the Language category; it is a book, thus written in language. Now as I’ve mentioned in an old thread somewhere around here, I want the magic system in my story to be as realistic as possible. By that I just mean based somewhat in the known physics of our universe, thermodynamics and electromagnetism type stuff, like how magic/telekinesis might work if it was actually real. But I really suck at math and thus physics.

So what do I do? Sign up for science forums of course. Science Forum, Science Forums in the plural, THE Science Forum, The ORIGINAL Science Forums, Physics Forum (or was that also in the plural?), etc. Thought maybe some nice whitewashed arrogant robot-fucking fucks might be able to help me understand the relationship between joules, volts, teslas, etc without acting like I’m too much of an idiot for their time. Most deleted my threads (all in the sci-fi subforums of these sites, where people were asking similarly amateurish [if not plain stupid] questions for not “showing enough effort” or “linking to my research”. One guy even took the time to tell me to buy a book so no one else has to waste their time helping me.

I don’t need homework help, I’m not a student, I don’t want to study physics, my questions pertain to no particular site I can link back to, and I sure as hell ain’t buying a book just for the answers to a few damn layman’s questions. Ooh just the nerve of these people, acting like I’m not “professional” enough for their forum! So does anyone have any knowledge of plasma physics, electromagnetism, or thermodynamics alongside their hunting and basketry skills? Or can someone at least explain to me in For Dummies terms the relationship between volts, watts, coulombs, amperes, joules, teslas, hertz, and ohms? All those different terms are confusing, something a damn physicist wouldn’t understand.

Any help greatly thanked!