Trouble uploading images?

Starting a new topic here to discuss image uploading issues. I haven’t had any trouble uploading images myself but I’ve seen report by @Nathan_Carlos_Rupley and maybe @Tracie_Moon (if I remember correctly).

So, to start this off, I tweaked a setting that increases the maximum number of images a new user can upload per post. It was set to 1 and I believe the avatar might count as 1. It’s sort of a long shot but I was wondering if that could have been the problem.

Can anyone having problems uploading give it a try now?


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No luck, thanks for trying.

Thanks for testing @Nathan_Carlos_Rupley. @Tracie_Moon: I think I remembered you also mentioning issues uploading images, is that still the case?

By the way, I upgraded the software to the most recent version earlier. I haven’t seen any bug fixes related to image upload but maybe something changed that would help with this.

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Hi, thank you for looking in to this. I’m able to get to the upload process but now i’m getting a message that says my file is too large (exceeds 10240kb for one photo)…?

on a separate note, i just tried to “like” a post and got a “502 - bad gateway” error msg. :scream:

Sorry, that was my fault. I was trying to enable a new feature that would automatically resize images that are larger than 10240kb and restarted the application in the process. :blush:

I was hoping that this feature would help but it seems to be limited at the moment and the testing I’ve done with large images just resulted in the same error that you’re getting.

So, for now, it’s up to everyone to make sure their images aren’t too big. Something like this might help when you’re stuck with large images and want to shrink them:

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Thank you!!! :sun_with_face: