Traps, Traps and More Traps

What are some good techniques of setting up traps for all the smaller critters out there?

Promontory Peg (
Figure Four

Snare-sticks are supposed to work really well but I haven’t used one yet. Its basically a stick propped against a tree where there is squirrel traffic, and a bunch of snares 2-3" in diameter running across the top of the stick. The squirrel runs into the snare, instinctively jumps, and hangs itself. These are also supposed to work well on the top of fences that are squirrel highways.

For what its worth, Tom Brown recommends mastering four traps: The Figure Four Deadfall, The Paiute Deadfall, The Rolling Snare, and the T-Bar Snare. He recommends these traps because, besides their usefulness, they form the the basis for most traps for land animals.

Here are some pictures of a rolling snare:

I can’t find a good link for instructions for the T-Bar Snare, but the Google Books preview for Wilderness Survival by Mark Elbroch and Michael Pewtherer has instructions for the T-Bar snare. Also I recommend Tom Brown, Jr.'s Field Guide to Wilderness Survival for info on traps. That book gives pretty detailed information on quite a few traps, including the four listed here.