A Goodbye to My Family


heaven is not a race
not a game
not a chant in the forest
not a chamber in the heart
heaven is a happy flourish on the face of fun
a step up reward for every striving
stranger and friend

hell is
the kick
in the
on the
way to
for the
ones who
lag out
of touch

never call this a clueless labyrinth
unless you seek a lack of exactitude

love is the key to the ultimate portal
love is not a game
not the game
not all
or maybe it is

the answers can be sought
the answers can be found
the answers will be found
however they will not be handed to you
in words
they are ineffable

the best I can muster
as a young
what I am
stumbling through a rush of fire
buried in a twinkle
is to transmit a simple fragment
the flesh and spirit are not inseparable

the rest I can muster
as a young
damaged illking
is to flaunt a little factual might
that being
all dwell in glory
all have their own nobility
developing or developed

we all deserve admiration
what a beauty all spirits enchant outward
to be beheld by the aware and inviting perception

a chuckle
a cackle and stamp
to understand every word
to delight in every action
to receive what is deserved
a host of lessons
a sweet cooking
a jolly good life to be forgive for hardships

father is gone but remains
mother is gone but remains
mirth is gone but will return
myth is spinning and thriving
we are hungry and thirsty for vitality
we will be satisfied

back to the best
the body cries
as the spirit flies
and the future lover despises
which is wonderful
wash over
I can only hint
at the voluminous wealth I have retained
except to the best
venture bravely forth with the best
and know my love
wanted or not
is yours