Tooth decay, cavity? u too be

hej peoples and folk, do you have any idea about rewild cavities. go paleo.
i have read a lot on this now.

there is also one guy he wrote a book,

what ithink its about food, eating less , and eating much good, eating aware, reduce stress, get in life rebel, or become creative, have a sense in live, feel, look for ure dreams,

also about sense in life, sense in the own body own culture, house neighbourhood,
traditional diet, paleo diet, avoid processed food, eat nothing, do something else, avoid stress, take ure time.

what do u think about this tooth decay thing? Is it necesaary to brush. What music helps to councel spirits for protecting and helping ure tooth?

any rituals?

Seems a paleo diet would be the main factor. I assume the lack of simple carbs would help avoid the conditions that promote tooth decay. This might be an area where Weston Price’s findings would be especially useful since he was a dentist and, as I understand it, was specifically looking at dental health from one culture to another.

I know there are herbal tinctures designed to promote gum health.

Only scanned that site. Is there anywhere that provides the gist of its recommendations without having to pay? What do they claim helps in remineralizing and repairing cavities?

I eat pretty much all organic food, with herbs from my own garden. I also don’t eat any grains, dairy or refined sugar. This was due to health problems, and it ended up improving my diet greatly.

Hi all,

I know I am late in replying but I still have a chemistry textbook from college with me. There was an article in there about what causes tooth decay and cavities.

Eating fruits and vegetables prevents tooth decay in two ways. One, the foods have sugars in them that plaque-forming bacteria cannot use. Two, eating these foods helps to mechanically REMOVE plaque.

So avoid any food that contains table sugar and grains. If you do eat these kinds of foods, that is when brushing your teeth is important.

I’m hungry now… I want fish!

OMG I eat so much sugar I know I’ll need paleo dentures. Want to switch to paleo diet but just not doing it. Meat costs a good deal and requires cooking (well farm meat probably) yet cheaper meat that doesn’t need cooking usually has chemical additives let alone antibiotics.

I second what everyone has said about the importance of diet, specifically not eating sugar and grains (and starches in general?) I think its a good idea to brush and floss in general, though, regardless of what one is eating - although with a pure paleo diet I doubt any toothpaste-type stuff would be necessary, although still helpful. And flossing is generally a very good idea, since I notice that it makes a BIG difference in the level of unhealthy mouth bacteria, and the health of gums generally. I remember hearing that flossing adds years to your life, something about the stress of the body constantly having to combat unhealthy bacteria, that are “poisoning” the system so to speak.

Although brushing and flossing need not be plastic toothbrush + store-bought toothpaste + manufactured floss! Sinew is obviously excellent as floss, and I’m sure various plant fibers would work as well. Traditional cultures would often chew the end of a twig (I’ve heard about cottonwood/poplar in N America, and neem in India) and brush with the fibrous part, most often not using anything substances other than the natural antibacterial properties of the wood.

Nowadays, I use calendula infused in olive oil on a toothbrush, along with a tooth powder I made of myrrh, neem leaf, and cinnamon (frankincense was also recommended, but is harder to find). In the morning, because it has fresh-tasting peppermint oil and just to change it up (because I believe that bacteria quickly adapt to something that’s used continuously), I like to use a toothpaste made by the company Uncle Harry’s - one of the only toothpastes I’ve ever found that doesn’t have glycerin (bad because it coats the teeth), or abrasive baking soda. Instead it is based on clay (that particular healthy kind), and has colloidal silver (antibacterial) + trace minerals that help the remineralization of tooth enamel.

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I have horrible tooth problems, and my teeth are constantly decaying. My autism makes brushing and flossing impossible, so I’m definitely looking at diet strategies for this!

Not to come across as offensive (I’m great at that) or anything, but why does autism make brushing and flossing impossible? O.o I only have Asperger’s and no similar problems with oral health, but I am annoyingly sensitive to certain sensations, so is that it?

I make a toothpaste with coconut oil, calcium powder, and cinnamon oil, love the taste and it works wonders, but I’d like to find a similar recipe with local ingredients because the coconut trees are too far to walk to. Like thousands of miles away. And preferably an oil who’s melting point isn’t right at room temperature, because it makes it difficult to get the right consistency. In summer, it drips all over, and I can’t even squeeze it out of the tube in winter. I need a local fat that either stays solid up to 90 degrees or liquid down to 45.

And speaking of tubes, I also need a better container for my toothpaste…Silicone seems at least a little better than plastic, but it’s still just too fake and plasticky for my taste, and I hate using a jar for various reasons. Easily breakable, doesn’t squeeze, gotta use something to scoop out the toothpaste…Any suggestions that AREN’T a fish bladder?

For a container, would it work to use one of those metal irrigating syringes?

Hrm…I didn’t even think of something like that! Technically not squeezable, but totally serves the same purpose. Just as long as they’re watertight (or oil-tight) enough to not leak all over my bag. I also thought maybe a leather pouch tied good and tight around a wooden nozzle might work, haven’t tried it though.

You’re not being offensive at all, everyone on the autism spectrum is different. Personally, I have motor coordination issues, and I lack the motor coordination to brush my teeth. Coupling that is the reminder of a childhood of being psychologically tortured by two parents who never understood why I couldn’t brush my teeth, and forced me to wear braces in adolescence that permanently disfigured my gums, and I suffered some major side effects from.

Ah. that’ll do it. I grew up with oily skin and hair, no doubt connected to my early puberty, and the medicated shampoos and face creams my mom forced on me certainly didn’t help. Dandruff and breakouts didn’t clear up til I stopped using soap at all; I urge all parents to wash their babies with water only, otherwise you set them up for a lifetime of hair and skin imbalance. No one listens to me though.

Used to get hit (or thrown at) when I was 8-11 if I didn’t let my mom pick at my face with a needle, thought my friend’s mom had that permission when she did the same thing to me in front of said friend. But supposedly my mom gave her no such orders. Needless to say, I haven’t seen that friend or her mom in years, and my mom and I have a fairly tense relationship. She says it’s a good thing I don’t want kids because I “don’t need them”. By which she means I’m a horrible aunt for not using soap, being strongly against vaccination and circumcision, telling my nephew that humans are related to chimps, babywearing my niece and making her “spoiled”, encouraging their parents to homeschool them, and being otherwise anti-pharma, anti-tech, and anti-authoritarian. Yep I’m so abusive.

As you can imagine, I’m also strongly against forcing painful toxic metal oral implants on non-consenting minors. My mom tried to force on me braces too. She never did get me to the dentist after I was 5 though; it wasn’t required to go to my shitty public school, so she found herself threatened by the very violence she taught me anytime she even mentioned some stranger sticking their fingers in my mouth. All I’ve ever had was a little gap between my front teeth from being a thumbsucker. No problems talking or eating, no aesthetic flaw except in the eyes of my mother. A mouthful of metal and plastic would be way more embarrassing than a tiny gap.

Yeah that’s what kids with social disorders need, embarrassing headgear to further reinforce the stereotype of the socially awkward nerd. Bullying is totally the best cure for autism. That’s my attempt at sarcasm, still haven’t quite figured out how that’s supposed to work yet. Okay well I’m done ranting, I get a little riled up over health/hygiene topics, especially when the non-opinions of our All-Knowing-Earth-Killing Elders get brought up. Have a nice day y’all.

I use yellow birch and pine twigs exclusively. Works like a charm.

Hey…I’ve been busy at work, but I just wanted to say that I completely agree. Yes, braces are cruel and so much research tells them they actually cause what the orthodontist warns you will “receive” if you don’t get braces.

Well you would know better than me. I just threw god-awful fits when my parents made me go to a doctor or dentist, haven’t been to the latter since I was 5 and still have great teeth. But throwing fits don’t work for everyone; my parents were just a little scared of me already, since they know I have their DNA. Me gots a very crazy family. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, you know some too. I learned this while attending conferences related to health and autism as a part of my work.

From my reading on this topic, vitamin A, D3 and especially K2 are all contributing synergistically to prevent tooth decay and build stronger bones.

On the side, there is an argument that says the apparent young age at death of paleolithic people could in part be due to them having a younger bone structure due to their diet.

On the subject of “meat”, it depends. On a price per calorie comparison basis, I find pastured butter, animal fats and organ meat to be cheaper than non-starchy veggies and fruits. Of course eating paleo shouldn’t be understand as eating mostly muscle meat, that would be plain wrong.