Tomahawks and Racism?

the axe style tomahawk that I think of, didn’t come till much later, the stone aged ancients had much more time on their hands to go about doing things.

for instance, we take trees by sawing them, that’s been OUR way for a long time.

the tribes of paupa new guinea have stone axes but their a far cry from the sleek efficient tomahawk that i think of. they also use fire to sort of burn the stump, to take a tree.

really i think it comes down to the ancients having alot of tools to do alot of task where we moderns have come up with one super efficient tool to do many tasks. we just dont have the time, and usually were trading the goods for X amount of “money” instead of just using the harvested goods for what we need.

i would suggest you re-analyze the basic needs of the human, shelter,fire,water,food, in that order and the asses what cutting tools you will absolutely need to accomplish these tasks. once that is solid, branch out from there, like needing a stone adze to carve out a canoe, not essential, but nice to have.

also i suggest just buying a regular steel tomahawk, because in my opinion they’re awesome. the Native Americans thought very highly of them, and so do i, make sure to get one with a wide diameter loop in the back end, where you slide it up the handle, not smash it down and fix with a wedge. you never know when you may have to chuck it at a gypsy.

wtf??? ???


you may see that gypsy run very fast. even if it’s carry lots of your stuff, still very fast runner.

sometimes to close distance between you and gypsy, you need to throw, BUT REMEMBER! stop running before you throw, if your off balance your throw will be crazy inaccurate, an weak.

Throw a tomahawk at a gypsy! Are you okay, dude? You seem kinda crazy:D.
Really though, in the end what I really want to do is aquire some tools that can be easily built and sustained by the environment I eventually want to live in (north-eastern forests). I wouldn’t buy a manufactured tomahawk, simply because of the fact that, eventually, it will break. That won’t help me out at all. I wanna learn how the people of the woods lived before civilization, how they fared out in the wild. That’s why I wanna learn how to build a tomahawk, or another tool that can accomplish the same thing.