Toilet Paper

Right now we have toilet paper immediately available most of the time. But what about when it runs out? Away from civ, how what are some ways to wipe your ass? I’ve heard of using mullein leaves, but beyond that I have very few ideas. Plus, mullein is a useful medicine and I’d rather not use the little that grows around here on wiping my ass.

You can burn an area of soil to bring in useful plants like mullein. Around here we get mullein, thistle, wild carrot, and several other great plants.

I imagine any large deciduous leaves would do the job. Also, moss.

There is a great book called “how to shit in the woods” that I highly reccomend.

Lucky-ass Cascadians, blessed with tons of soft, washcloth-like moss, available even when the large leaves have rotted in the rain. ;D

Smooth round river rocks work, too.

once i used a chunk of obsidian ;D

For me, it depends on the sort of shit i take. usually maple leaves, vanilla leaf, thimbleberry leaves, and other like leaves are nice. If i feel that the situation is in need of something more heavy duty, moss is excellent. my favorite toilet paper is usnea lichen (also an amazing medicine).

Not just LARGe leaves work, but if there is a bush or tree with many small leaves, get one or two unbranched, footlong branches at a time. You can then flip it over and use the other side (for best value, lol). Living in S. California, I use California sagebrush alot; works great and is very fragrant! If you have fragrant leaves, its always a plus.

Grab a hand full of standing grasses, fold it in half. The folded part works GREAT. Kinda like using a scrub brush on a stick… helps keep you sleeves clean also if you know what I mean.

during the winter, I have found snow is my favorite…