The Privilege and Necessity of Rewilding - Interview with Peter Michael Bauer of Rewild Portland


Thanks for that discussion of DQ’s work. I hadn’t actually heard that he had passed until following this link. The part near the end when you gather your thoughts to respond to the question about him had me worried that you were about to launch into a big “DQ was okay BUT…” kind-of tirade but what you said was just really beautiful and poignant. The part about his sad, slow realisation that there wasn’t going to be a Glorious Mind-Changing Revolution and salvation of civ had me in tears too, but you’re so right about the other value of his work in showing people the way out of this horrible situation. I’d never heard that parable about finding the door in the wall before - really makes sense, both of the value in his work and in the limitations of its application into channels of liberal reform. But yeah, a real loss, I still don’t quite know what to make of it…



I have nothing to say.

i just got to listen to this today :slight_smile: loved it. it was cool to hear you talk about daniel quinn, @PeterMichaelBauer, and how much of an impact he had on you. i came at my current worldview from the direction of witchcraft, and so had already read some works by starhawk that had me about 3/4 of the way down a similar path before i found your urbanscout blog & intentional community, natural building, permaculture, and many of the sort of peripheral gateways into rewilding. daniel quinn, for me, then, was just sort of another hop in the right direction, though i hugely appreciated his ability to lay out global-scale metaphors in a very digestible way. it was awesome to hear you talking from a place of having known him personally & having had his works be big initial doorways for you. the impact he had on your life & perspectives came through really powerfully.

i also really loved the way you & sam came at the question of rewilding as a privilege, the relevance of different peoples’ contexts, etc. awesome interview altogether.