The high art of dreaming

To begin, I would like to say I am not proud of my last post here – I stopped taking my darn medication for my darn diagnosed mental illness and to make a long story short I was convinced I was living in a hateful, evil world.


I’m fine now. New meds are working and not hurting me and I feel like a million billion trillion times better.

on to the topic at hand.

I might not be a scholarly fellow like some of my peers here… I am just in the process of growing a brain and I haven’t studied much of anything beyond what it is like to feel emotions and such.

I am more of an artist. an artist without much recognition or commendation regarding his stories or drawings to look back on. which is fine. Martin Prechtel might be he most eloquent person writing today, but people aren’t coming from the four corners of the earth to hear him speak. I know what I do is loveable by human beings, and someday it might be loved. It works for me and that is about all that matters right now. about. not exactly all.

moving on. dreams. I might not be a scholar but I have dreams and I notice something about them. Does anyone here think that dreams are merely random firings in your brain as it tries to unwind from stress or something similar?

I have had dreams where I hear music. Not just an instrument, a whole collection of instruments playing at the same time… and I can hum a little but I cannot in my brain make a collection of instruments making music at the same time.

I have had dreams where I have been confronted by entities clearly more intelligent than I am… I mean… you can tell when someone is significantly smarter than you, right? It seemed obvious to me. how could my brain come up with a character smarter than myself?

I have encountered people with distinct personalities separate from mine in dreams. I have encountered definite female characters in dreams. How does my brain rapidly come up with people so radically different from myself?

I bet you see what I’m getting at. And maybe I’m preaching to the choir. But maybe I am going to give you something a little interesting to argue with other people about dreams too. I mean… I have moments of creativity, but I cannot spawn rapid plots of the sort that I have in my dreams. It all seems beyond my capacity.

Any thoughts?


Thank you for sharing. Great topic!

Sometimes I dream I’m reading. Not just a line or two, but whole pages in a book. At such times, I find that my dreaming mind creates the following at the same time: an interesting story line that seems to make sense; a book page with paragraphs and whitespace - the typography all present before I come to reading the lines; awareness of a story that I’ve never read before (and that I don’t recall having written); and the awareness and wonder of enjoying this process while dreamreading.

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