The City Mouse and the Country Mouse (FB vs.

Facebook is like a city. Lots of people complain about it and talk about leaving, but most people stay 'cause that’s where all the other people are.

That’s why I stay anyway. A couple of my key go-to chat partners on Facebook have departed recently, however, and that translates to me heading there less often. What’s a place without people connection? A giant city would be really lonely if my closest friends left.

Coming here to feels like leaving the city and finding myself in a small town. It’s quiet here, and I’m not sure whether anyone will see much less respond to whatever I’m writing. I’m a little afraid of the no-response thing, but I like the pace anyway. This place is refreshing. I hope more friends visit.

(And now I’m thinking again of that part in My Dinner With Andre where Andre describes NY as a prison run by the inmates:)


Ahhh, now I know why I prefer to just hang out here. :slight_smile: (see the topic “the-verb-to-know” for possible explanations of what I might mean here - I look forward to finding out).


I think of the internet access as a way for the preparation with any others found for it for transition to sustainable living with needed simplicity apart from civilization, which would be more primitive.

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I love mice! :smiley: What a great way to get my attention! When I was younger, I used to sabotage any poison or traps that my mom left out for the mice. Then they made a mouse-hole in the corner of my bedroom, so I began feeding them candy, and they eventually let me pet them without biting me. I think country mice are probably happier than city mice, since there are less humans trying to poison and trap them.

We really have a lot in common with mice. Aside from the other primates, lagomorphs and rodents are our next closest cousins. Our climbing ability, grasping hands, maternal bonding, omnivore diet, scavenger habits, and strategic intelligence are some of the more obvious similarities. Reproductive rate and life expectancy are major differences. However, we still share many social behaviors and psychological processes, and both rodents and primates react to overpopulation in similar ways.

A prison run by the inmates…My boyfriend/husband plays a lot of video games when we have electricity, and he recently bought the Batman: Arkham series for PlayStation 3. As you may or may not know, Arkham City is the same map as Arkham Origins, but has been walled in as a massive prison run by the inmates. Is Gotham City not inspired by New York? :wink:

I don’t have a Facebook. Not ONLY because everyone else does, but that may be the main reason. Advertisers on Facebook also have access to a lot of personal information, which is certainly no secret, but the way Facebook neatly organizes that information is more than a little creepy. You get lumped in categories with cute little names like “Outward Bound” (country mouse) or “Career Building” (city mouse) based on keywords in posts.

On big crowded social networking sites, the conversation is more fast-paced. Less time to plan what you say, more senseless abbreviations and small talk, everyone just blurting out the first incoherent threads of malformed thoughts. “Hey were goin to florida! 4got to lock the door lol, can sum1 watch the house so it dont get robbed?” While slow-paced forums like this allow time to think before you speak.