The Art of Rewilding (in 5 minutes)

Watch it here.

Wonderful speech! My fav.

Cool, so how’d it go? It looks like the audience enjoyed it, but it’s hard to tell. Any commendations or heckling? Considering your subject matter you must’ve stood out from the other presentations and I’m wondering how a room full of techies reacted.

excellent talk dude thumbs up

Thanks everyone!

Funny enough, my initial judgment that most would not get it was wrong. Many people in the room approached me afterwards and said they agree. Who would have thought?

You did a really good job of getting all that info out in such a short amount of time. It might be good for people to watch this a few times so they can have their own “elevator pitches” ready to go.

The few people that the camera caught didn’t really look interested in the speech. I’m glad that you had support afterwards. Great work.

Thank you for giving and posting that speech. You said it very well, especially given the 5-minute time limit. I sent it to my friends. :slight_smile:

Food for thought: I have a sense that the psychologcal and physical “freedom” you described actually fits under the spirituality component (it’s common - and, I think, appropriate - to liken the psyche with the soul, and one’s spiritual state often involves the body’s experience, especially when it comes to repeated, everyday “rituals” of survival). Responses, anyone?

Hmmm… Then again, I also thought it was a good idea to present rewilding in terms of freedom (at least in part). Write (er, speak) for your audience, right? 'mericans love the idea of freedom. :wink: So it was probably a good thing that you gave freedom its own bullet point; I think in the end it helped your listeners get more meaning out of your words.

Ever the strategist,
S.A. :wink: