The 500 Member Mark - Celebrating Rewild

Well, sometime when I had my head turned away, the forum got its 500th member.

I like to acknowledge these little milestones, and it makes me think about the worth of this place, how it challenges me, and how happy it makes me that others can use this place as a stepping stone to networking and building their own communities of rewilding.

We all know that the internet doesn’t suffice for meeting almost any human need. But sometimes it can get us over a gap that we don’t know how else to cross.

If anybody has any stories about how has helped them, made their life better, or how they fell in love with other rewild.infodians and got married, feel free to post! Otherwise I just plan to bask in the numerical auspiciousness.

500 people. Wow. \o/ and other sites of similar ventures have really helped to remind me that I’m not the crazy one for saying that civilisation makes us sick. That I’m not a weirdo for not wanting to participate in the cash economy. And so on along those lines.

I’m still struggling with the issue of where to start and what to do and this site helps me with that. Even if I just need to talk about some issue I’m having, there’s someone who’s been there or at least a like mind to say “it’s cool. We’re all there.”

This place has a way of sending echoes into my life that resonate and return to me at moments where I’m far away from the computer. I noticed it, for example, the other morning, when I went out to the woods to walk for a while until the path hits the Missouri River. I got about 25 steps into my walk, and bang, some of the talk here about going barefoot that I’ve read popped into my head. So, I headed back to the car, kicked off my sandals, turned back around and went on my way. I was rewarded with a huge patch of mud at one point on that hike. The way it caked on my feet felt like a big cold hug from the earth below. So for about a week now I’ve been doing nearly everything in my life barefoot, which isn’t an entirely new experience for me as I have done so during other periods of my life, but this time it feels like it has more of a context.

I’m also consistently awestruck, challenged, and inspired by the way language and story are reclaimed, redefined, and remembered inside this little community. You all weave words so beautifully here!

I have explored maybe…not even five percent of this treasure of information.

Another thing i really appreciate is the very high level of respect from everyone here.

I think that things are evolving well. This site and group have already been instrumental
in some ways in the emergence of a tribe still in the process of creation, here in the north eastern part of Turtle Island (province of Quebec,Canada).