Sweet christmas present

I got a sweet new christmas present in the mail the other day — A ceramic water filter. I have a pretty good idea how much the gifter spent on this, and to you, I say thank you so much, that is part of the reason why I don’t have on of my own.

So now that I have the portable, consumer version, I’m super excited, it’s a serious upgrade from the last filter I had, which was cartridge based and not very environmentally friendly at all.

they don’t guarantee the ceramic filter for life, per se, but I happen to know on good authority that that could be the case if it is properly maintained.

so yay!

anyone else get something super sweet for christmas(yule, saturnalia, whatever…)??

I got my 9 year old the the archery set she asked for and I rarely buy gifts. I tried to hand carve her one out of Japanese yew but snapped it into two pieces. I took photos for the wiki Project Failure and will hopefully post there soon. We took the new 20# 19 inch draw composite compound Bear Bow I got her from Hellmart to a Xmas cookie party at a horse farm and the hostess brought out here sweet 20# semi-recurve non-laminated wood bow and foam target and some of us shot for hours. We also rooted around for throwing sticks and identified plants for hours in the neighboring woods. Then practiced with our throwing sticks till my daughters new (hyperactive 8 year old we just met there) friend finally tired of it. Fat lighter throwing sticks rock!

nice warm wool socks and gloves

I received a pretty little wooden box that I will likely use to keep jewelry, or incense. Also, a 1000-piece puzzle of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and a cool photo-documentary book on fish houses.

Ai got a woven, full-brim, hemp sunhat 8) 8) 8)