Splinter in the foot!

How many of yall who walk around barefoot have ever gotten a tiny splinter right in the ball of the foot that just seems to disappear into your foot and feels really uncomfortable… they work themselves out eventually right?

I have had splinters go into my feet,legs,arms,hands. They all worked their way out eventually.I just had a small metal sliver in my finger.It stayed around for a long time and formed a callous over it.It was probably there for a month then one day I chewed away the callous and the sliver was gone.I heard from my grandpa that chewing tobacco placed on a splinter will draw it out.

i like to remove splinters i can’t pull out by applying melted pine pitch to the area. watch out - it might burn you, but it works really well.

also, foot soaks in astringent tea… whatever you got around… but preferably very strong like oak bark decoction or something will also help pull it out.

homeopathic silica is another reputed remedy. only used it one… splinter left, but i dont know if it was the silica or not.