Someone please sugggest

suggest a popular thriving form (forum). this one is not having many posts and it bothers me. not in a Sirius manner, in a serial manner, I mean… I just want… I want to… talk with people on the internet and do it a lot.

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This forum has seen more action in the past, and I’d love to see more now. Yet its participants take topics to a depth I haven’t found anywhere else, except perhaps on feralculture. Please share if you find other places.


I joined an awesome Christi an for us but I am not allowed to post because I am a pagan. Sorry excuse if you ask me.

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Yeah, as a Muslim (uber-progressive anarchist) I don’t find that surprising. Whenever I have tried to dialog with christians they eventually turn the discussion into proselytizing.

As for the original question I for one will try to check in here more often. My issue is that I live in Los Angeles and won’t be “rewilding” for a few years so I feel like I’m treading water and can’t really DO much, which is frustrating and I feel it’s not really much contribution.

I am in California, not so very far from Los Angeles, yet know the call to go much further away, into wild natural places for a primitive way of living that is the sustainable way for people to live in this world. It needs others though who are joined for this, seeing to have the same pursuits, with having things growing that will be provisions for the food and needs among them, on this land they would come to for that, with water and resources there for it.

I am such a one that would be called a Christian. Yet proselytizing is not my way. I share things in communicating that may have you think, but you, any I mean, will think what you will think, and I leave it at that, just answering things I am asked, if I am.