Some History on the Modern Western Obsession with "Waging War" on Female Body Hair

interesting Atlantic article:

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Oh I’m kind of bummed that the article ends with her getting laser surgery for her own body hair, instead of choosing the path of learning to love her own body hair. Especially after writing this, “Hair removal as self-care might be one of the biggest lies women have bought into. It keeps us in an impossible loop, one in which we are constantly in pursuit of velvety limbs and the moral virtue of cleanliness.”

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Yes! me too. it made me reflect on how deeply the shame is ingrained…even those who “know” or “see” the toxicity and harm of these forces can have a life long struggle trying to dismantle that shame within. Hopefully with awareness we can set up our young people for more freedom from these oppressions :disappointed:

I wish I never started shaving. Now it grows back thicker because I do, so I feel itchy and prickly as a porcupine when I don’t shave. That said, it does seem to grow back a little finer the longer I go without shaving, so maybe someday my leg hair won’t stick out through my pants. :confused: My husband says he doesn’t care as long as I’m not as hairy as him, but I simply feel uncomfortable with body hair because I’ve been shaving for 10 years.

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Yes, interesting article, thanks for the link!

In reply to LauraFrances and Tracie_Moon: Hmm, maybe at the time she got her hair lasered (“A few years ago, …”), she hadn’t looked into the whole matter yet, and the procedure made her think about it afterwards. Too bad indeed that that stays unclear.

For those interested, some more thoughts on this subject can be found in another topic: Attractiveness of the wild woman

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a handful of years ago i found a Wonderful site that had photos/transcripts (i forget which) of old victorian letters, from guys to their sweethearts, praising their girls’ hairiness (among many other flattering qualities, of course). it was the most adorable thing ever, i wish i could find it again. one compared his lady’s leg-hair to a newly born lamb, & otherwise referred to her ‘fine fleece’. there were also very flattering comments about nice thick, soft bushes. it was the best combination of hilarious, adorable, & heartening. google search is not helping me find it again… it was a pretty obscure corner of the internet, but if i ever find it, i’ll post a link.

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Please do. My husband always says I have hobbit legs. :slight_smile:


I shave my underarms and lower legs , but not anything in between… Wish I had never started, I know the issues. I just use water and an old school safety razer but wish I knew a way to have lower leg hair an not feel uncomfortable when I go swimming or wear a dress.