Reading around a bit I’v come to the conclusion that a good slingshot would be the ideal small-game hunting weapon for me, just wondering if anyone here has any experience with said implement?
Anyone want to recommend a good slingshot?

i used a slingshot when i was a kid. they’re pretty cool. mine was willow, bits of innertube and the old tongue fro a shoe. if i could shoot stuff with that, the new gum rubber and high tech things should work great.
it takes a while to get used to them though.
like my dad taught me, “don’t aim, point and shoot.” it works.

I haven’t had any technical experience with many range weapons (I tend to use a spear or spiked mace for catching Eels/Ducks)

However my experience with BB guns and Pipe-shot (a small pipe with a rubber glove finger attached to the end) is that your natural eye/hand coordination is amazing.

Also I played some Baseball in my younger days (15 years ago when I was uuh, 7) and I had a coach from the US and he also said “don’t aim to hit, try to barely miss” (I never hit better in my life since understanding that…)

totally of my own experience, take from it what you will…

Yes it’s kind of the same when shootin birds with a shotgun, your not aiming as much as pointing and kind of intuiting the shot. But I’m really starting to like the idea of a slingshot! Slingshot, 5 spare rubberbands(which should last me several years) and 1000 steel bullets for a grand total of 60$. Guess many animal people will meet an elastic end this year:-)
Mmm, grouse simmering in a pan over open fire while I beat my drum and thank the spirits for the gift of a life free and wild!

when my dad first told me to not aim, but to just point, he had to explain. he asked me, “when you point your finger at something, how do you know your pointing AT it?”
i answered with, “i just know.”
“perfect,” he said," then just point your sling."
i was deadly with marbles.

Check this one out:-)