Should We Revert to Simple Machines Forum?

Hi all,

So… I can’t stand this format. I never post. It seems shit just gets lost. It’s hard to navigate. It would make sense if rewilding was a simple topic to discuss. It isn’t. It requires a lot of context, and this format doesn’t provide that context at all. So… What do people think about changing this format back to Simple Machines, the original format. We might lose some/a lot of more recent content. Remember the good old days when we could easily navigate or join discussions that were old, but nicely categorized and easy to find?

What do folks think?

Another option is to archive these and start fresh.

I think I vote for returning to simple machines. Would be a bummer to lose recent stuff though. I’d also hate to just archive it all… I feel like it’s nice to have the option to revive old topics where they left off… but I can see the appeal of a fresh start too. From what I remember simple machines made it easier to find the more current and active discussions so it had a way of sedimenting that kept things fresh, thus making a completely new start unnecessary? No matter what, I’ll always be checking back and referencing this site as long as it’s up in some form, so thanks for that Peter!

A pity to lose the recent content, though I know what you mean about the navigability. Isn’t there any way of subdividing the main page into separate categories showing the most recent post within this format? Also would be good to keep live links up to the essays on the home page, as I think there’s some pretty good work there (albeit most of it Jason’s!)