I’m curious as to how many rewilders have practiced or looked into Shinrin-Yoku, aka “forest bathing.”

While it is generally comprised of things you might already do/have done without knowing there was a name for it, it really does bring awareness to just how much time in nature is actually beneficial to our health. Reading about this (in a guide to Shinrin-Yoku) has also changed the way I walk (which may seem odd) and go about seemingly little things like that.

Here are some links for those interested:

Also, I apologize if this has already been discussed before (I couldn’t find anything) or if this isn’t quite the right place for the topic. But at least it’s a new thread, so maybe it will bring out more discussion on it, if there was a little before.

Can’t open another tab on the flip phone, so I couldn’t check the links, but I wouldn’t cite anything with a “.gov”. xD But if forest bathing is just bathing in the forest, yeah there’s definitely something very primally satisfying about it. As is being naked in the forest at all.