Sharing topic links on Facebook no longer works

FYI. It converts to a link to, but seems to scramble sharing.

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I think the links are okay now and I also made a few tweaks to the page headers such that Facebook shares now include the topic title and description.

Here’s a screenshot of what this looks like now.


Yay! Thank you :sun_with_face:

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I’ve talked a lot about Facebook in the past with friends but mostly using blankets statements like “I hate Facebook”. I’ve never really put too much thought into it but I felt compelled to dive deeper this evening and, this thread being Facebook related, it seemed like an okay place to share my thoughts. First, I should preface this by saying that my feelings towards Facebook are not only about Facebook but it’s especially relevant here because there’s the companion Facebook group.

In a few words, I think Facebook just makes things too easy.

It’s easy to mark people as friends without having really developed a friendship, it’s easy to like something without having fully taken the time to appreciate it and it’s easy to share something and feel some sense of contribution/accomplishment without it having had any meaningful impact. It’s probably not all illusion but I think it mostly is.

I think that Facebook being “very easy” also contributes to explain why some people engage more on Facebook and less so here. Less activity makes you think twice about posting something because there’s a sense that it might be of higher quality and value where as it’s very easy to do a quick thing on Facebook and feel nice about it.

So, having posited that Facebook is easy and having alluded to how bad of a thing it is, I’d like to propose that maybe it’s good that some things are a little more difficult. I’m not saying that everyone should give up on Facebook but I think that maybe an effective alternative would be word of mouth in real conversations. Or imagine people getting here through active searching. It might feel like making slower or less progress but it might actually be more real?


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Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this, I appreciate your viewpoints. I’ve had similar thoughts, but haven’t fully worked through how i want to apply them personally. Your comments about fb being “too easy” seem very accurate. There are however some people (and conversations) that i would love to see in the forum because they take the time to really share and contribute in the fb group, but the discussions don’t stay around long enough for much reflection and follow up. Will definitely give this more thought. Thank you :slight_smile:

shared your post to this discussion thread: Getting Rewilding Conversations the Hell off of Face!$&k

Thanks for connecting my post to this existing thread, @Tracie_Moon :). I’ll come back later to read what’s been shared on that thread, too.

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