Shamanism/kitchen witchery forums?

An old thread about shamanic initiation on here got me thinking…are their any good forums out there specifically focused on the mystical? Such topics such as shamanic initiation, meditation, lucid dreaming, herbal medicine, theology, etc?

Nothing specifically Neopagan or Wiccan or anything like that, though I suppose that’ll do just as well, but just a smallish friendly community like this that gets together and discusses the sometimes-freaky miracle that is life. The folks here seem to be of a spiritual leaning, but that don’t mean y’all won’t think my talk of visions sounds crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the show Stan Lees super humans, one guy learned how to move small objects without touching them using the “force”. When they hooked up some sort of electrical current brain measuring device to him while he used the force, there was a giant spike of energy that went off their chart. That guy said he tried extremely hard for ten years to get the ability. But that show is way too physically oriented and scientific…I know many different Native American tribes like the Lakota and Inuit speak of spiritual powers that the universe can give you. In Black Elk Speaks, Black Elk talks about a healer who went through the vast tribe, healing snow blindness through a power he was given by a dragon fly. I’ve also heard of many other powers like the ability to hold your breath for indefinite periods of time given to a tribesman by a duck. The Inuit spoke of legendary shamans who were so spiritually high they could manifest their bodies as seals and other animals. These many powers they always talk about remind of what Jesus said, “even greater miracles than these ye shall do also”…of course many people refuse to believe in extraordinary things that seem impossible but I have seen several mind blowing supernatural miracles in my life that make me strongly believe divine abilities are possible.

Oh man have I seen some mind-blowing things as well…Sometimes I’m not sure if everyone is right, I am truly insane, or if I’m more sane than I ever imagined! I was raised a Christian, still share many Abrahamic beliefs, but spent all of middle school and high school seeking a path that I truly I had faith in. I failed to explore the path I was already on.

Not finding a religious label that encompassed how I feel in my heart, I became disheartened and doubted the validity of my beliefs. Until I came to the conclusion that no religion in quite right, just the flawed human perspective of God. True faith comes from the heart.

I still take notes from the holy books of many cultures; the perspectives may be flawed, but flawed men and women still have wisdom. Sifting through sacred texts, I seek the oldest writings that those texts share, the ancient bond with God we all once had as animals. And more importantly, I just feel God in my interactions with other animals. As well as plants, flame, and the earth beneath my feet.

Since I let go of religious labels, seeing sacred texts as landmarks and no longer the destination, I don’t doubt the validity of my beliefs anymore. God is the art as well as the artist, and the complexity of physics only proves the great mystery of his/her wisdom. Now I only doubt the reality of my experiences.

Prayer and meditation are perhaps the most fundamental act of any faith. Simple enough, many people claim to do such things daily. But when done with sincerity and gratefulness, clearing your mind and speaking with God can yield astounding responses. Or at least that’s what I’ve seen. Prayer and meditation has yielded me insight that changed my life.

But many of my experiences, many of my “signs”, “visions”, and “visitations”, fall within the realm of modern mental disorders. Schizophrenia, schizoid personality, the mania of bipolar disorder, all illnesses for which “supernatural beliefs and/or alleged experiences” are symptoms. So you never know who might just think I’m crazy.

Shamans and mystics the world over, many very happy rational people, believe that such mental disorders are an unheeded and often suppressed call from the spirits. In this day and age, any voices, spirits or otherwise, require toxic drugs to silence them. So this forum right here may just be the best place to seek spiritual conversation, or it may not be. Who knows.