Searching for people to connect to and discuss/experience rewilding as hobby or lifestyle

Hi, I am Jonathan, 25 years old.
I live in Berlin, Germany right now and I’m searching for likeminded, sensible people to meet up with. I want to explore “primitive” skills and lifestyles in theory and practice and it’s hard to find people who are interested in that.
I studied music but right now I feel like I don’t support the system we live in and I don’t want to live like that. I busied myself with anarchistic, anti-civ , anti-work, primal nutrition etc. stuff recently but I think I’m not a fanatic but a nice guy who just wants to live differently or at least make experiences in different ways to live.

Would be cool to share experiences with others and learn from each other, etc.

I am seeking people who want to stop global warming and its causes…such as unfettered overdevelopment!

Are politicians consciously destroying the planet?
Everyone speaks about responsible recycling, but no one speaks against the continued manufacture of unrecyclable plastics, Styrofoam, Mylar, glyphosate, and many other deleterious products. Animal rights groups protest deer hunts which occur 2 weeks a year, but they never protest construction (or destruction) of farm land or natural wildlife habitats which occur year-round. More wildlife is lost due to unfettered overdevelopment than a couple weeks of hunting.
Mainstream media in league with politicians talk about global warming and the continued use of fossil fuels, yet no one speaks against the loss of our natural resources and habitats which is just as serious. Concrete and asphalt absorb heat fueling global warming, which is why cities have historically been hotter than rural areas. We are experiencing more and more tornadoes, wildfires, floods, and hurricanes which are a direct result of global warming greatly fueled by the heat absorbed from asphalt and concrete. h t t p s:/ / overdevelopment.weebly. c o m/change.html
Local politicians in the U.S. overtax long-time landowners, forcing them to either subdivide and/or sell their land or move. Politicians then rezone residential to commercial land regardless of the outrage that emanates from local communities.
Politicians give developers the right to buy former farms or wildlife habitats and squeeze as many row homes and shopping centers as they can in small areas. Apparently, politicians want shopping centers in every backyard of America.
During political campaigns, politicians promise to protect open space. But what voters do not realize is that those politicians consider open space as shopping centers and developed parks, which include asphalt and/or concrete.
Townships across the U.S. hold annual Community Day events (during election years they occur just prior to election day) which are sponsored by developers, land development associations, and realtors. During these events, politicians promise a better America to unwitting voters who are unaware that these politicians have already committed their support to developers who will inevitably infringe on their neighborhoods.
It used to be joyful to drive through the countryside’s of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and regions beyond. Gone are the landscapes and natural wildlife habitats replaced with sign after sign, row homes and seas of shopping centers. Creeks are now surrounded by shopping centers, industrial parks, and/or squeezed by townhouses which only pollute the streams with plastic, Styrofoam, glyphosate, and much more.
When states are given federal funds to improve infrastructure, they use it to further destroy the natural world, again, with more shopping centers and row homes. This intensifies traffic and negates improvements to the infrastructure and increases the need for additional roads. Thus, more open spaces are senselessly lost.
h t t p s:/ / w w wyoutube. c o m/watch?v=vlbAZvcVM9E
h t t p s:/ / overdevelopment.weebly. c o m/environment.html

h t t p s:/ / w w wforbes. c o m/sites/marshallshepherd/2015/09/25/the-science-of-why-cities-are-warmer-than-rural-areas/#49676e671744
Do you think so-called environmental groups will help? You are wrong!
Greenpeace won’t get involved. They go after ‘shocking’ stunts, such as climbing the Eiffel Tower to put up a banner reading “Resist”. NRDC, Friends of the Earth, and the Sierra Club (just to name a few) are equally as worthless. When contacted for assistance in protecting natural wildlife habitats, these so-called environmental groups will refer callers to other environmental groups who will continue the referral process. Each so-called environmental group will recommend that callers should contact their local townships or create petitions. Speaking with local township officials and creating petitions simply does not help, because local township officials have already pledged their allegiance to developers.
The EPA, who works closely with the NRDC, is controlled by the very politicians who reside in the pockets of developers. When contacted to help save the Eastern Box Turtle from eminent extinction due to development, rather than protect the turtles and/or their natural habitats, the NRDC has instructed callers to take pictures of them and post the pictures online. This does not help the Eastern Box Turtle.
http:/ / w w
The Nature Conservancy has accepted donations for decades under the guise of protecting the rainforest, yet the rainforest shrinks more and more each year. If asked to help prevent overdevelopment, they simply refuse to get involved.
h t t p s:/ /
If you investigate any environmental group you will find that there are large corporations, developers and realtors on their boards.
Citizens (mothers, fathers, and anyone concerned with the health of the planet), need a politician who will protect the environment without lip service nor greenwash. Democrats give the impression that they want to slow global warming, but they continue to allow the very things that exacerbate it. During political campaigns democrats will promise to protect open spaces, but their definition of open spaces includes asphalt and concrete.
Obama did not intervene in DAPL and allowed the Water Protectors to be cruelly and illegally abused by an American corporation, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP). The Dakota river was not protected by the Obama administration, the U.S. Corp of Engineers, nor the EPA, and ETP succeeded in placing a pipeline under the river! Furthermore, ETP (Chevron, Exxon Mobile, and corporations like them) claim they are environmentally responsible through TV, podcasts, and printed advertisements, but this is simply greenwash once you investigate their work history.
h t t p s:/ / w w wkfyrtv. c o m/content/news/US-Army-Corps-of-Engineers-grants-easement-for-DAPL-under-Lake-Oahe-413224723.html
h t t p s:/ / w w wecowatch. c o m/tag/dakota-access-pipeline
h t t p s:/ / w w wecowatch. c o m/dakota-access-pipeline-missouri-river-2086372132.html
Not one word was mentioned regarding the environment and global warming at the Democratic debates. One would expect more from Democrats, as the Republicans do not hide the fact that they care not for the health of the planet, proving that the Democrats are no better than Republicans.
When Senators Warren and Sanders were recently contacted regarding global warming and over development, only Mr. Sanders replied with a post card, stating the he could not intervene in a state outside Vermont. This is a man who is running for President of the United States!
In 2019, New Jersey and Pennsylvania reported 40 tornadoes!
h t t p s:/ / w w winquirer. c o m/news/tornadoes-philadelphia-severe-storms-pennsylvania-new-jersey-20190812.html
Each summer the earth grows hotter and hotter. The Midwest and western half of the nation has also borne witness to more and more wildfires and floods; a direct result of global warming. Developers, with the support of politicians, continue to pave and build on natural wildlife habitats.
Furthermore, who will be financially responsible when homes are damaged by floods, tornadoes, wildfires, or hurricanes exacerbated by the politically endorsed global warming? Will the developers or politicians be responsible? Of course not. It will be the homeowners. Just as consumers are now responsible for paying to have old electronics recycled, citizens will be responsible for what ravenously greedy developers and politicians are allowing to happen to the planet. However, to be fair, WE ARE ALL responsible because WE, as a nation, did nothing to prevent the environmental exploitation.
h t t p s:/ / w w whoustonchronicle. c o m/local/explainer/article/The-trouble-with-living-in-a-swamp-Houston-7954514.php
h t t p s:/ / wtkr. c o m/2019/04/22/environmental-group-blaming-new-development-for-flooding-increase-in-sandbridge-city-blames-winds-and-climate-change/
Over development, thus global warming, is a worldwide problem and not isolated to the United States alone. As underdeveloped nations grow, global warming will increase. However, there is no reason to have miles and miles of row homes or seas of shopping centers merely for profit. This is something that forward thinking and caring American citizens can prevent. Furthermore, in an era when more and more consumers are buying online, there is no reason for brick and mortar stores.
Before he died, Stephen Hawking warned that we must find a habitable planet within 100 years …
http:/ / time. c o m/4767595/stephen-hawking-100-years-new-planet/
Is this what our leaders want for their children and their offspring. Is this what Christians mean by ‘those left behind’ or ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’? Woe to those left behind or the meek.
Anyone with children or grandchildren should take the health of the planet very seriously. This is their future. Otherwise, why did you have children?
To look at the cross-section of any plan of a big city is to look at something like the section of a fibrous tumor. --Frank Lloyd Wright
The world is becoming one huge tumor.
I hope this writing has encouraged you to take action for future generations.
-C. Rose
arosieday at protonmail dot com

Hello, Sunbather. I’m a competent bushcrafter with fifty years experience under my belt. I don’t like to use the word survivalist because I believe people should learn how to thrive - not simply survive - in wilderness environments. I also am a firm believer in the words of Mors Kochanski, the famed Canadian bushcrafter, “The more you know, the less you carry.” At any rate, I’d be happy to correspond with you on the subject of primitive skills and lifestyles.

Hi, thank you a lot for your answer!
Should we talk here on the forum or do you prefer email?
Anyway, fifty years experience is really a lot, that’s cool. Would be nice to have a brief summary of what your experiences are so I can ask better questions.
To be honest, I am kind of “stuck” in my project right now, it was not really possible (till now) to find people from Germany for this. Most people seem to be in America and the nature their seems to be more suitable for rewilding than in Europe. Also, courses where I could learn some stuff are super expensive, and I would prefer to learn things no- or low-budget. But it’s hard and not quiet satisfying to just go into the small (tiny?) areas of cultivated forests here and learn skills on my own without teacher or friends.

I agree completely with your statement concerning the price of bushcraft and survivalist courses being outrageously expensive and unfortunately many of them are taught by people who’ve never actually put their skills to the test in a true wilderness environment for extended periods of time. But there are a few world renowned people out there who are legitimate mountain men and women. If I might suggest a cheaper alternative for you to learn the skills necessary for wilderness living and choosing the proper equipment, look for a series of books written by a bushcrafter named Dave Canterbury. He is a co-owner of The Pathfinder School in Ohio, USA. He is also the US Ambassador for Mora Knife of Sweden. Dave is the “real deal”, as they say. Very experienced. In particular, I would recommend the following books he has written:

Bush Craft 101
Advanced Bush Craft
Bush Craft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild
Bush Craft First Aid and Emergency Care
Bush Craft Illustrated

I personally own all these books. They are not expensive and available on Amazon in paperback form. If you practice and master everything in these these books you will be a competent Bushcrafter and Survivalist. The books would also offer the added benefit of you being able to convince some of your friends to go into the woods with you to learn from a master.

As to my own personal outdoor experiences, I grew up around the world in a military family. That exposed me to many different wilderness environments as a boy and was fortunate to have a father that liked camping, fishing and hunting. So from an early age I spent a great deal of time in the outdoors. As an adult I’ve hiked all the major hiking trails in the US and hiked-camped for extended periods of time in the 37 largest of America’s 803 federally designated wilderness areas from Alaska to Florida. The longest continuous period of time I’ve spent in a national wilderness area by myself has been to date 14 months. As a young man most of my outdoor adventures was in small groups of 2-4 people. But the older I became the more I preferred going into nature by myself. I rarely take anyone along with me now.

I hope this answers some of your questions. Best regards.

Oh, one other thing, Sunbather. While it’s wise to start your learning of bushcrafter and survival skills with quality equipment purchased from outfitter stores, the ultimate goal should be the acquisition of neolithic (latter stone age) skills. In other words, learning and mastering the skills of hunter gatherers 12,000 years ago. When you can make everything you need to survive and thrive in a wilderness environment from materials provided by nature with your own hands you will truly be a fully independent and competent human being. Best regards.

“Rewilding” …seems to me that you should be talking about PROTECTING the animal’s Natural Habitats which are alarmingly dwindling… Or maybe ‘rewilding’ means something entirely different…

Well, it may seem that way to you because you’re discussing animals and natural habitats and I’m discussing humans reconnecting with their primal roots. Two entirely different subjects. As to what someone should be talking about, that would obviously be at the discretion of the person doing the talking.

Hi. Your answers are appreciated and helpful, I ordered 3 of the books now. I totally agree with the goal being as little dependent on bought modern tools as possible. In my mind that’s for one thing important because I cannot guaranty that some tool doesn’t get damaged or lost in some accident, so I should be able to get all what I need from my surroundings. Also I imagine it feels like absolute freedom.
I’m still a bit sceptical about how much of this can be done or even trained in Europe, but I will start slow and see what’s possible. Most problematic is making a fire, because it’s hard to hide and it’s illegal. Don’t know how the rules are in USA/Canada. But that would mean I cannot really go to the forests even for some days when it’s below a certain temperature or I had to buy some really warm sleeping bag and gear.
Also the hunting/fishing is illegal if you just do it in the wild.

Rosie, I was talking about human rewilding. Hope this term means what I thought it means, but I’m pretty sure.

Hmm. Yes, there are large swathes of land in the US labeled as BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land that is considered public land where anyone may hike, hunt, fish and camp on it. Within these areas is also land labeled National Wilderness Areas that for the most part is pristine wilderness. But perhaps you can take an occasional holiday to a nearby country that does allow hiking-camping in cold weather and the building of fires and hunting/ fishing? The Scandinavian countries come to mind. I’ve spent time in Sweden hunting and fishing in their northern regions around Storuman. In fact, the Swedes have an Everyman’s Right Law written into their constitution that gives every person the right to access, walk, cycle, ride, ski, and camp on any land with the exception of private gardens, the immediate vicinity of a dwelling house and land under cultivation. Norway and Denmark also have similar laws. In the meantime, most of the skills detailed in the books I mentioned can easily be practiced in your yard or a public park until such a time that you are able to use them in a wilderness environment. I will admit that the law you mention that prohibits someone from camping below a certain temperature seems a little strange to me. I have hiked and camped many times in sub-freezing weather and deep snow. I like winter hiking and camping and do it a great deal. The obvious advantages being that poisonous snakes and insects are either dead or hibernating for the winter, as well as troublesome pests such as mosquitoes and ticks. Also, bears and other large carnivores are usually sleeping as well. So there’s not as much to worry about and the weather is more invigorating.

How can wanting to defend natural habitats or the animals who live there be anything but ‘rewilding’… or maybe I’m already in touch with nature and saving them is not crucial.

Sorry for my confusion.