Saskatoon Cancelled - What Now?

The topic for this should be basically sum up my entire problem. Saskatoon Circle - a primitive skills gathering based in Washington - was today cancelled, and now I’m not certain as to what other gatherings are available at this time. Some of the major ones have already passed by, or late registration and thus higher fees are the only remaining option. Does anyone here know of any good rewilding gatherings that they would recommend?

Wow! I hadn’t heard about it being cancelled, but just checked their website and sure enough, no Saskatoon Circle until June 2017. Well, I hope they are planning to expand their kid camp to accommodate all the Summer break families that will likely be able to attend now, (hopefully mine included!!!)

Sorry I don’t have other recommendations for you in the meantime. Anything community-oriented going on with the Wilderness Awareness school folks in WA?

Do you know the deal for June 2017?