Salt from hickory trees

Hey all I have seen lots of talk of people getting salt from the roots of hickory trees. I was curious if it possible to do the same with the limbs of the trees. Another thing I was wondering is if anyone has done it at all, and what their results were thanks

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I have no experience with hickory trees but just came across a mention of this very thing in “My Side of the Mountain,” which I’m reading to my kids:

They [hickories] were gold trees to me. I would have hickory nuts in the fall. I could also make salt from hickory limbs. I cut off one and chopped it into bits and scraps. I stuck them in my sweater.

Your question makes me wonder too if hickory trees can help desalinate soil.

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Yes that’s where my question came from. That book is a wonderful read.

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It really is awesome. I would have read it over and over if I’d had a copy when I was a kid. At least I had Island of the Blue Dolphins. :slight_smile:

Do you have any hickory limbs in your life? I’d be interested to hear about it if you decide to experiment.

I do in fact have some hickory limbs. I have also heared to try with the roots. Will be trying both this summer, and would be more than happy to share the results

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I have also been wanting to try this based on what I read in that book as a kid. Not sure where your at (I’m in Ohio), but I’d like to see if your results and mine are the same despite location.