Rewilding on ancestral lands? Ireland, UK

Has anyone left the US for their ancestral homeland to undertake rewilding in places that resonate more with you, spiritually and viscerally?

I grew up in the US but visited Scotland and felt at home in the wilds there in a way I never felt anywhere else. I think the connection would be as strong in Ireland.

As much as people say the PNW is similar climate to Ireland and the UK, it just doesn’t feel the same (I am so. sick. of. evergreens!!!)

I feel strongly drawn to return, but are obviously legal issues to consider for long-term stays like visas and residency as I don’t qualify for the grandma citizenship.

Also, as I have a family we would not be able to hack it as squatters and nomads, I would likely need to buy land and possibly a house. Things are more complicated legally with kids involved.

My other concern is that we have friends here in the US, and I don’t know if that should be more meaningful to me than a potential stronger connection to the land. And maybe we would never really feel like we belonged, socially, and that would be hard on my family.

Lots to consider, look forward to hearing others’ thoughts and experiences.

My thought undeveloped is that it may be desirable to find your tribe. That is, who most related to you is also valuing the effort to be independent from civilization seeking restored unity in the wild environments? Those might be most desirable to connect with for that, whether in the New World or in the Old World, wherever they are. In my case I am more cut off from family, and would be glad finding any others at all who seek for the similar ways for being apart from civilization and independent from it.