Rewilding in southern oregon

hi! i’ve been meaning to write on here since last summer, woops! finally i am here…
i’ve been reading this and other similar forums before it every few months for the last few years, just checking on the “scene”, and it’s good to know we’re all still out there doing our thing. i used to participate a lot more on these things but since i had a baby a year ago, and also just started being unable to sit in front of computers longer than 20 minutes at a time, i have been absent. id like to say ive become more and more removed from civilization but that’s really not true, and actually, i dont think i ever really wanted it to be- i like people, and traveling, and not that many people want to go live in the woods together and never leave.
i lived at wildroots ( from the beginning until a few years ago when i hooked up with my partner and decided to live mostly out west together. wildroots is still rockin and i totally support them and want to see more great folks visit and live with them…
BUT, i also want to draw more folks into the rewilding-esque community we’ve been evolving since last summer in southern oregon. so thats why im writing… calling out to like minded folks for a sort of “wildroots/west” kind of tipi livin’ (and making!), goat packin’, primitive living skillsharing, wild foods foraging, hunting and dumpstering, feral baby and kid raising, “village” style community on land owned by a rancher in the middle of a huge public land wilderness, about 20 minutes from ashland. and for any ideologues out there, beware: some of us are interested in (gasp!)growing food and milking goats, so stay away if you would be offended! ;}

write us at to connect! happy trails…

hello woodnettle, it seems your email wont accept a letter.?? best


Yeah, this email doesn’t work. I’d love to get in touch though, Southern Oregon is one of my wandering areas, possibly a future rooted home.

cool. you can reach me at r u still back east?, as i will be in n.c. and s.c. for sometime this spring.

note the new email address for the southern oregon rewilding community mentioned in the original post on this thread:

things are still looking really good for the community for this summer, come visit!

Group also in Southwest Oregon/Far-Northern California website:

New, so we’ll see. Definitely open to anyone on this site visiting and if interested, joining up!!!

Woodnettle’s is also still quite active. About 2 1/2 hours drive, so if in area, consider checking out both!

Ok I checked back in here and sorry about the bad address. It’s

How can we contact you?

Woodnettle none of your email address work.

Dang sorry anyone who wanted to get in touch! I noticed my email has a mistype… I haven’t checked back on here in a long time… I guess I thought I’d get notices on my email that I had replies.

I’m still living in so. Oregon and looking to buy land. If anyone has a trust fund or a straight job and can get a loan let’s talk! Ideally looking for families!