Rewilding Hitting the Mainstream

Hey all. This is related to the commercialization of rewilding thread, but I wanted to talk about this, and perhaps use this thread as a place to post links to mainstream media mentions of rewilding as it seems to be more and more frequent. In particular with the Live Free or Die TV show about rewilding. I know of a couple other in the works, so I think that Rewilding is hitting a critical mass. I get google notifications set up for the words “rewild” and “rewilding” so I can follow a lot of internet media in that regard. It would be good to catalog references to see how we are being portrayed by the media, and perhaps discuss ways of making sure we are being portrayed in an authentic way.

If you are unfamiliar, check out the show here:

I would say the best way would be to be our own media. No matter how hard you try, mainstream media will portray you in a negative light if you are challenging the system they are set up to maintain. They have their agenda, and it is not our agenda. Reading Cody Lundin’s words about how it was working on whatever that show was called, was fucking depressing.

[font=georgia]I managed to watch the first episode of that show today with my class. I don’t want to make a call on it yet, but I will keep an eye out for the availability of the second episode. I won’t be surprised though if it does end up being a distorted vision of the subject matter - I suppose that is what happens with all of these type shows. The producers concern is definitely not to show the truth, but to sell a product. Unfortunately dumbing things up with false depictions and skewered views is what sells. That is why reality shows like this end up with folk not up to the task. Instead they are filled with unexperienced folks who drum up drama and make childish mistakes in attempt to discredit the path…[/font]

I certainly agree that any media we create ourselves is going to be more authentic than anything churned out by the corporate media, but I think there’s a number of great opportunities for people to “infiltrate” the mainstream media as a means of reaching the unbelievable amount of people who consume it on a daily basis.

Same with someone who can infiltrate the education system, but on a smaller level.

I have seen the shows… looks like to me, a lot of overestimation of their skill levels and not enough prep work. Real honest research is a must in the field before you commit.
in my years of primitive skills I see this a lot, most think they are way better than they think they are when reality smacks them in the face.
the goal is not to just survive but to live and thrive and a dead flat fried rat is not thriving. but is a base survival need. Not a goal .

The one guy had been in pace for about 8 months but his so called shelter was a shelter that was pitiful , after 8 months in place.

but will continue to see what is what.

The thinking I see is that they are moving out of the confusion … I think the idea is you are moving in.


I wanted to post a link to my recent blog about the co-opting of rewilding by the mainstream. Check it out:

“Rewilding, Dispatched”