Rewilding exercises?

Are there exercises to help you in the process of rewilding and enhancing your experience of the natural world (forest, heathland,…)?

I thought I’ve never experienced a connection with the natural world. Recently I tried to think of trees being alive and having a soul and it actually keeps giving me a nice tingling feeling inside for a few seconds. I don’t know what that could be. I do enjoy nature’s beauty sometimes but I don’t really want to force myself to appreciate it more frequently or
intensely yet, maybe it’s best for me to experience it spontaneously.

I was wondering if there are some things you can do to enhance your experience in nature. Besides spontaneous actions. For example meditative exercises.

Thank you :robot:


Nice! Coyote’s Guide is at least one book you might turn to for sensory awareness activities.


Ha! I thought from the thumbnail that the question was like, “how many pull ups should I be able to do?” I’d still be interested in physical exercises, as well as the mental ones, if anyone has any.

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