Rewild in NYC (the irony does not escape me!)

I recently posted a comment in the FB group, but for any that aren’t on the site, I would love to connect in person with any group members that are in New York City or have relatively easy access to it from the upstate or New Jersey areas. While I am grateful to have connection through the online world, I find these dialogues are far more rewarding in person rather than in the echo chamber of my own head or through the filter of a computer screen. Many thanks in advance!


I would reach out to Zack from Rewild Maine. He lived in NYC for a while and may know some folks.

Thanks Peter! Your book is next on my list after I finish “Story of B”. Quinn has me too hooked after “Ishmael” and “My Ishmael” to break the cycle.

Also just read your post about deleting your Facebook… did that myself for a year and a half and it was bliss. Got back on and am now contemplating a delete again… I’ll be following your thread about deleting it as I way some pro’s and con’s.

Glad to be here.