Welcome to the Marketplace!

This is a new and reinvigorated space, replacing the old “Trading Post”.

Please read the following before posting:

The forum and Facebook group are nonprofit and exist for educational and community-building activities.

We recognize that many of our community members have valuable skills and services to offer, and are working toward increased freedom from civilized systems by sharing their work with others. In support of that ideal, we offer a formal space in the forum called “Marketplace,” where ads for goods and services are welcome.

The Facebook group will host weekly “Marketplace Mondays” during which time a link to the forum marketplace will be shared and ads may be posted.

The intent of these spaces is to promote connections among rewilding individuals, families, and communities. Seeking and offering goods and services is encouraged in the form of gifting, barter, trade, and lending/borrowing, as well as through buying and selling.

The rules are simple: 1) Ads must be related to rewilding (please explain if it does not seem obvious). 2) Keep interactions respectful and considerate. 3) Honor your commitments.

Ads may be posted in the forum at any time. Ads may be posted in the Facebook group on Mondays only—please post in the “Marketplace Mondays” thread to keep ads organized and easy to find.

Feel free to reach out to a moderator with anything that seems unclear before posting.