maintenance on Saturday September 12th

Some of you have noted that doesn’t use https and shows a warning on some browsers. I know, it’s not great. The reason behind this is that our server version is a bit too old to enable a smooth addition of SSL certificate management so we’ll be doing an upgrade to do enable this and also get all the security updates we might be missing. Unfortunately, that’s a relatively intrusive upgrade process so we have to take the site down to do this.

The content should all be preserved and come back after we’re done but you might see a few weird things in the process:

  • The forum will be read-only for some time
  • won’t be available for some time
  • Some content might not render just right for some time)
  • You might feel like it’s best to go outside and do something else than post here next weekend

I’m just a guy managing the server so I’m not exactly going to commit to a fixed maintenance schedule but it’s going to happen sometime on Saturday September 12th. If everything goes well, things should be back up by the time the sun rises on Sunday, September 13th. Probably. Maybe.

I’ll post an update here when I consider the work complete so that people can start reporting things that might look broken. I’m assuming things won’t be broken so much that you wouldn’t be able to post but, you know, it’s 2020.

It took more time but the upgrade is now complete. The main thing you’ll notice is that the site should not be flagged as insecure and it’s now using https rather than the old http.