Relevance of anthropogenic global warming

I would like to know the thinking of the others in communication here about anthropogenic global warming, such as if there is the reality of it understood, if there is motive from that for any changes with rewilding, or if there are obstacles to any change for the better from that.

I think the polluting and corrupting of the natural state of the earth, the environment we have evolved for, is a serious problem. It is increasing the number of evolutionary mismatches, which is what Rewilding is trying to correct for. However, I also think there is a dogmatic and irrational culture of alarmism and extremism surrounding Global Warming. People are unwilling to have a rational conversation with anyone who holds a differing opinion. This is problematic in my opinion, as dialogue and rationality are vital tools for tackling problems most effectively.

I see where you’re coming from, but when we can literally measure the rising of the seas & know full well that millions of people are going to be displaced, leading to wars & other humanitarian crises, it is indeed a huge problem that goes deeper than the earth simply “becoming a few degrees warmer”. The majority of people aren’t concerned enough.

As to the original question @Frankprimalanswers, to a large extant it’s really a gamble. Some calculate we have enough fossil fuels in the ground to basically scorch 99% of life on earth. Even species that aren’t going extinct now, have or will see a change in migratory patterns, mating/flowering seasons, etc. It’s certainly challenging to choose which plants to rewild with when the ecosystem around them is changing.

Well, asking was a way to learn if there is different thinking about it, or as others they generally think there is a conspiracy to claim there is global warming, or they generally think as those who trust the consensus of climate scientists about that. What will happen will have to do with our choices.

It would mean we would have to strategically think for what land we will have to inhabit, especially if any of join as a community group. But if we don’t just use one place to live, but are migratory, we might managing to migrate with species.